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We are a leading supplier of world-class Aqua Grand Plus for various types of sectors including residential, commercial, and industrial In Delhi, India. We are known as a respectable identity in the water purifier industry just by concentrating on safe, healthy and clean as well as environmentally friendly solutions. Our main objective is to use the UV water purification technology and advanced purification system for Aqua Grand water purifier. Our Aqua Grand plus products Delhi/NCR have perfectly designed to match the growing needs of the valued customers. Our highly proficient technicians monitor the water quality to the drinking level for the customers. We also provide free installation and free TDS checking services in all the regions of Delhi/NCR including Noida, Gurgaon, and Delhi. We are engaged in offering the world’s advanced and efficient water technology of RO of various capacities, and offering the quality services in the most affordable prices.

Top- Specifications & Qualities of Our Aqua Grand RO plus

Our specialty lies in designing the reverse osmosis systems with the excellent of the products from the market level. Our systems have a unique and double O-ring housing working system, which improves the working of the systems and reduce the cost of maintenance and give a smooth and hassle-free experience.  The Filters, membranes, and pumps are of top-quality, long-term, and durable.  Our unique skills and extensive experience is admirable of customizing water purification machines as per the customer’s needs. Our main aim is to deliver 100&% benefits to the valued clients resulting in big savings. Our main focus is to provide world-class and advanced Aqua Grand products to the potential customers and repair and maintenance services in very affordable rates.

Aqua Ro 25 Ltr

Amazing Features of Aqua Grand Plus

Our trained professional team in Delhi, India also teaches our customers about the product and advanced water technology, therefore they should have a faith in our services and can make strong and long-term relationships with us.

  • Ten Stage Water Purifiers have the capacity of purifying any type of water
  • The Aqua Grand has the mineral cartridge to maintain the necessary minerals in the water
  • This product has the magnetic power to reduce the iron level in the water
  • Its Anti-scallant Balls has the capacity of decreasing the level of the hardness in the water and improve the life of the water membrane
  • Easy, Trouble-Free and less expensive to maintain
  • Improve the taste of drinking water

Aqua RO Support

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